Monday, January 5, 2009

The Meaning of Life

I love to sing "The Meaning of Life" (theme from the Monty Python movie) just as loud as I can, and with the worst possible fake French accent. I admire a song that can make such a strong happy vibe out of such unlikely materials as a deep sensitivity to injustice and overwhelming existential angst.

The song ends with "for once it will all be made clear - this is the meaning of life..." Because this is such a good set-up for the next song, it's become kind of a game with myself just to pay attention to which song comes up next. I usually have my iPod on random play. Maybe it's just a pattern-recognition effect, but the next song always seems meaningful to me, and "Synchronicity" by The Police has been the next song much more often than any other song. I love that.

The Meaning of Life



yolanda said...

what a fabulous blog! you've got a great way with words and im really liking the diversity of stuff you've got here. definitely following!

peace and love,


VirusHead said...

Thanks! Welcome!!

Jim K said...

Hey Doc! I love it! I do love your style. I had to read like 5 posts, so you got me. Very good blog! And I HAD to comment on The Police post here. I LOVE those guys. I got to see them in concert this past year. It was amazing! Something I wanted to do since I was a teenager. Isn't it funny the music that becomes the "soundtrack" of our lives. Keep up the great work here!


VirusHead said...

Thanks Jim!