Saturday, October 3, 2015


Hearts of fire
But stuck a bit, confused
Like birds on a wire
Love so deep, and is it enough?
Like insight, a well-ploughed through
Of desire
A pyre?
Longing for you, feeling foolish
A bit droolish
A bit… higher… piling ever higher
The Fire
You stand… in love, a dove, a chameleon still
What you will
But what.. what you will… is still…
Lulled, and I will wait, because your song, so long, so strong, so…
A rime of few, all new
Yes, rime maybe not rhyme
Still crazy, hazy days of summer
Hummer, strummer
Icy icy love, at once removed
A lit… a litany…
And maybe…..
Maybe.. May be… may be