Thursday, December 15, 2011

Insatiable ~ Lily Frost

Rich man wants to find a soul
Young girl wants to be a bride
Always wanting, something's lacking
Everything seems brighter on the other side

If this waxing libertine
Ages waning, like wine
Something's waxing, something's waning
Everything seems brighter on the other side

Is it evil or divine
to want to feel sublime
by using drugs or yoga mudra
or a boss who tells you what to do
so you don't have think or be confused
about decisions anymore?

Making love without your eyes wide
limits intimate from reaching to its heights
Yin as yang and yang as yin
and future comes from what has been
and circles spin

Is it love or is it war
that keeps us wanting more?
Or is it everything combined and balanced
perfectly in simple synchronicity
defines its place in time and space
to grant you destiny?

Been awake since Thursday dawn, goes
just as easily as joy
In this random rapatation
Everything seems brighter on the other side

Is it money, is it fame
what will this life attain?
Or is it God - the last resort
before the fall into the pit of apathy
or Paris notions seamed with boring speculation
filled with trial and tribulation -
Where's inertia when you need it -
and the centrifuge defeated -
It takes all your force to relax, and be satisfied...


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